Sierra Bullets plans new equipment, 15 new jobs


April 11, 2012

During a ceremony Wednesday, Sierra Bullets President and General Manager Pat Daly announced an expansion and the creation of 15 jobs at the Sedalia plant.

Daly said that Sierra Bullets was named an Enhanced Enterprise Zone “EEZ” recipient in November, allowing the company to add three new pieces of equipment and hire workers.

“EEZ is a Missouri program that focuses on creating jobs,” Daly said. “It isn’t a grant, but it does allow for a small percentage of the payroll to be returned to the company. As long as we’re creating jobs, we’re able to invest money into the company.”

So far, Sierra has invested $500,000 and will be able to invest an additional $500,000 in the future.

Along with the jobs created, bringing Sierra’s total employment up to 120, the company purchased two bullet assembly presses and a laser measurement device that can measure bullets down to millionths of a degree.

“The laser device is truly exceptional,” Daly said. “It brings us out of the 18th century, when we had to measure by hand, and into the 21st. In our industry, accuracy is critical, so using this laser will allow us to be absolutely on top of our game.”

Sedalia Mayor Elaine Horn spoke at the ceremony, noting Sierra’s commitment to the community.

“People call Missouri the ‘Show Me State,’ but I think Sedalia is quickly becoming the ‘Show You City,’ ” Horn said. “Sierra Bullets is one of our many examples of companies that are supportive to the community and the employee base.”

John Swearingen, president of the board of directors of Economic Development Sedalia-Pettis County, echoed Horn’s statements. “(Sierra Bullets) is an excellent member of our Pettis County manufacturing family,” he said.

Sierra now manufactures 172 different types of retail bullets in addition to 48 types of custom bullets, and sells them in almost every country in the world.

“We can’t make product fast enough,” Daly said. “With the EEZ distinction, not only are we able to preserve the quality of our product the public and our customers have come to expect, but also create employment for Sedalia and Pettis County residents.”

News Article by Emily Jarrett – Sedalia Democrat