Senator Mike Parson receives Works For You Award


Our recipient, we have one this year, is so deserving of this award.  This recipient has always had our best interests at heart ever since we met this person.

As a matter of fact, the very first visit this individual made was a tour of one of our manufacturers.  And, his first event here was this very economic development banquet many years ago when he was serving as the Missouri State Representative from Bolivar.

This individual has been an advocate for us in all our various endeavors.  He has spent countless hours committed to us.

This individual has gone above and beyond on a continual basis and has worked to always be there for us.  He devotes the time, the effort, the support, and the commitment to the betterment of our area.

There are different needs for every phase of economic development for us to grow.  We must have the foundation of our community members and the base necessary to enable us to grow.  We must have the tools which make it viable for us to market to our existing companies and to prospective companies as well.  We must have the whole package, be it education, health care, infrastructure, or recreation.

This individual is always ready and willing to assist us and, we know, as he reaches higher in his goals, we will always be a priority to him.

Mike Parson is the politician we wish many others were like.  He carries his military, his farming and his law enforcement ethics with him in his daily life. He works hard, trusts in God, and loves his family.

Mike Parson is an individual who always remembers who was there when he started in politics.  He remembers those who stood by him when he started his own small business; and, he remembers those who stood by him when he became a 3rd generation farmer.

In all that he does, what is most unique about Mike Parson is that he is a very humble man.

He has assisted many individuals and businesses in this very room.  His time and his support has been never-ending since he arrived in Sedalia.  He has done everything to help us with recruitment of new companies as well as being continually cognizant of our existing company’s needs.

He worked long hours and devoted the time helping us to obtain access to everything we needed whenever we needed.  If he didn’t have it within his grasp, he went out to find it.

But hard work is nothing new to Mike Parson.

Senator Parson has worked hard every day of his life, as a boy and as a man to grow his business, his farm, his family, his community, and his state.

If you believe in it and you want it enough, then you need to work hard until you make it happen….and he did.

He truly believes strongly in our community.  Distance is only miles – he is here for us. He follows through until all avenues of the project is completed.  He attends every announcement, ribbon cutting and event he can because he realizes how important this is to our community’s sustainability and growth.

He has been a continuous and steady friend to economic development.  Many do not even realize the commitment he is making for our companies and our community.

Senator, we can’t thank you enough for all you have done and for all you continue to do.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honored to present to you our economic development award recipient – Missouri Senator, 28th District, Mr. Mike Parson.