New Green Jobs Coming to Missouri


January 30, 2014

JEFFERSON CITY – Clean Line Energy introduced the three major manufacturers who are partnering to bring renewable energy and jobs to Missouri.

The Green Line Energy-Grain Belt Express Energy Line is a 750-mile long renewable energy transmission line that will run from western Kansas to Missouri and other Midwestern states.

Hubbell Power Systems President Bill Tolley said, “The transmission line will produce clean, renewable, low cost wind energy in one part of the country and move it across very long transmission lines to places in the country that need the cheap power.”

The project will create 80 jobs to Missouri with facilities in Centralia, Sedalia, St. Louis, and New Madrid. The jobs created will be full time construction, manufacturing and customer service jobs with two to three years of contracted employment. The Centralia facility employs 600 people, and it will add 65 more job openings according to Tolley.

Michael Skelly, president of Clean Line Energy, said the project is being funded by several investors, the largest being National Grid who has a lot of experience with long distance transmission projects such as this one. It will cost approximately $2 billion, and $500 to $600 billion of the investment coming to Missouri. Clean Line Energy will also source hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment and supplies in Missouri.

Skelly added, “All of this comes from investor money. We’re not relying at all on taxpayer money.”

Within the next couple of months Clean Line Energy and the three manufacturing companies plan to submit an application for a certificate of convenience and necessity to the Missouri Public Service Commission, and in the application they will submit a proposed route for the transmission line and site for the converter station.

Posted: Jan 30, 2014 2:58 PM by Madison Conklin, KOMU 8 Reporter
Updated: Jan 30, 2014 5:08 PM