Lyne Plastics expanding into Sedalia


January 15, 2013

Economic Development Sedalia-Pettis County (EDSPC) and The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) announced today that a plastics manufacturing company will be expanding into Sedalia. Lyne Plastics’ expansion, a capital investment of $1.2 million, is expected to create 14 new jobs within the next year, at the Sedalia Industrial Park, located on the northern edge of town.

Lyne Plastics is a privately owned wholesale industrial plastics repurposing center that has been operating for 19 years. Lyne Plastics manufactures plastic by shredding, grinding and mixing materials to ship to industrial clients who use the plastic in production.

The company’s expansion into the Sedalia facility will accommodate new production lines as well serve as Lyne Plastic’s new corporate headquarters. The 50,000 square foot facility at 1500 Sedalia Road will be the company’s second location.

Lyman and Lesa began their operations in a small building in La Monte. They will continue to have product in that building, it was noted.

They specialize in the manufacture of shredding, grinding, and mixing materials to ship to an end user.

The end user then reproduces the product for use in the industry. This process is one they have named, “Repurposing” – which was first introduced in a meeting by John Simmons, community development director for the City of Sedalia, who was in attendance.

Lyman and Lesa Lyne were presented with a plaque by EDSPC President Rusty Kahrs on behalf of the EDSPC Board of Directors.

Co-owner Lesa Lyne was the spokesperson for the company, and said that the new location would be producing a million pounds of product by next month. And that’s in addition to the product currently being produced at the La Monte site.

“We’ve already got the material backed up, and there’s an endless supply of it,” she said, adding that one employee would be transferring from the La Monte plant to Sedalia. The other employee will remain at the old site.

“We’re going to keep the line running constantly, day and night,” she said of the company’s production plans. “Hopefully within the next two to three years, we’re going to set up two more lines like this right here in this building.”

Lesa Lyne said really likes the new location. “It’s right by the highway, so it’s easy for the trucks to come in here, unload our materials and pick it back up, so it’s really convenient. Sedalia’s a great place to have the business, I mean, there’s so many helpful people here, it’s been amazing to get set up for an industry like this.”

The business has been in exsistence for 20 years, and moved from a barn into the La Monte structure in 1994, Lyne said.
The Lynes sliced through a bright green ribbon with a pair of giant metal scissors to officially open the facility shortly after 1:30 p.m. today.

To assist Lyne Plastics with its expansion, the Department of Economic Development authorized an incentive package that includes $57,602 in Enhanced Enterprise Zone program tax credits over five years.

Ms. Lynne Shea, and Mr. Joel McNutt, project managers for the Missouri Department of Economic Development, were expected to attend.

McNutt completed this project when Tony Grandison retired. Shea will now serve as the “resident project manager” for EDSPC, Kahrs explained.

Also in attendance were Sedalia Mayor Elaine Horn, City Administrator Gary Edwards, EDSPC Executive Director Linda Christle, Pettis County Commissioner John Meehan, Western Commissioner Jim Marcum, First Ward Councilman Stephen Galliher, Fourth Ward Councilman Kenny Norton, Pettis County Assessor Karissa Logan, Sedalia Airport Manager John Evans, State Reps. Stanley Cox, District 52; Dean Dohrman, District 51; and Denny Hoskins, District 54.

(The Enhanced Enterprise Zone Program was implemented in 2004. Enhanced Enterprise Zones are specified geographic areas designated by local governments and certified by the Department of Economic Development. Zone designation is based on certain demographic criteria, the potential to create sustainable jobs in a targeted industry, and a demonstrated impact on a local cluster development) Sedalia News Journal.