L A G Industries LLC locates in Pettis County


Bradley and Nicole, and Bart and Brenda just formed
L A G Industries, LLC in January 2016.  Being very family oriented, they named the company after Bradley and Nicole’s three children, Lane, August, and Gracie, thus, L A G.

Bart and Bradley have both been involved in raising cattle of their own for many years, giving them a great working knowledge of the equipment they will be building and selling.

As you go through the tour, you will see some of the products they manufacture for the agriculture industry.

Some of those are continuous fence panels, portable panels, gates, feed bunks and cradle style hay feeders.  Also, they manufacture livestock equipment such as alleyways, tubs, chutes, calving pens along with creep pens.

They also manufacture livestock equipment for sheep, goats, horses, and all other types of animals.

And, all of their products are built from quality #1 steel and they manufacture everything they sell right here in LaMonte, Pettis County, Missouri.

Now if you are not a farmer, you may want to purchase their smokers, grills, fire pits, or anything else.

If you want it, they can probably design it.
An interesting note is the L A G Industries was the very first presenter at the Sedalia 1 Million Cups.  For those of you who don’t know about the 1 Million Cups, it is a part of the Kaufmann Foundation and is a product from our Economic Development Strategic Planning Session.  The 1 Million Cups is a program to seek Entrepreneurs in the County, then help them through nurturing and mentoring them so help them be successful.

We are so very proud of this entrepreneur in realizing their dream right here in Pettis County.

Thank you to everyone for attending today.  Also, a big thank you to David Pratt and to Inter-State Studio, for volunteering David’s time today to be our professional photographer to capture this momentous occasion.

Thank you to the Cattleman’s Association for preparing the meal.  Thank you to the Sedalia Smith-Cotton FBLA students for serving the meal.

A very special thank you and welcome to L A G Industries.

It takes everyone working together to bring a project to fruition and this is just another example of that.  We know we cannot do this alone and we thank everyone for your support in helping to make this possible.

We are very proud that once again a Pettis County Company is moving forward.