Christle Elected to Serve on Missouri Partnership’s Advisory Council


November 30, 2012

The Missouri Partnership is the group that does all of the industry recruitment for the State of Missouri.  That division of the DED (recruitment division) was privatized in 2007 because it had the largest impact on the future of the state.  This is huge for Pettis County in that it is the cutting edge of what is going to happen, and how things are moving in the state.  Also, there are only 7 positions elected from economic developers across the State of Missouri.

This is the key group that creates potential incentives for the state, advises the Missouri Partnership, the DED, and in turn, the legislature on bills to move forward, creation of those bills, all to help the state move forward.

Serving on the Council are:
Kansas City Area President Bob Marcusse
St. Louis Area President Steve Johnson
Cape Girardeau President John Mehner Columbia President Bernie Andrews
Springfield President Ryan Mooney

Newly elected:
Joplin President Rob O’Brian
Sedalia/Pettis County Linda Christle

Chris Chung, Executive Director of the Missouri Partnership stated:  “First off, please allow me to officially welcome aboard the two newest members of the Missouri Partnership’s Advisory Council.  These two individuals, Rob O’Brian and Linda Christle, are among the best-known and most-respected economic developers in our state.”

Rob O’Brian of the Joplin Chamber of Commerce and Linda Christle of Sedalia-Pettis County Economic Development were officially voted onto the Advisory Council at the Partnership’s Board of Directors meeting last week.  They join you on a group that is critical to providing operational and tactical advice to the staff of the Partnership, and I am very much looking forward to the valuable perspectives and experience that both Rob and Linda will bring to the Council.”

There are over 300 active economic developers across the state of Missouri.  Those 6 are peers that Christle highly respects and is honored that they, as peers, thought to nominate and then elected her to this Board.  Chistle also states “I am really excited about going on to this Board to further the reputation of our community.”